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Notice for Easter Holidays – 08 April 2022

To our Valued Customers / Business Partners,

Please be informed that our company will be on Easter Holidays from 15 April 2022 (Friday) to 18 April 2022 (Monday).

We will resume our operations on 19 April 2022 (Tuesday).

Notice for Chinese New Year Holidays – 20 January 2022

To our Valued Customers / Business Partners,

Please be informed that our company will be on Chinese New Year Holidays from 31 January 2022 (Monday) to 6 February 2022 (Sunday).

We will resume our operations on 7 February 2022 (Monday).

May wish your business prosperous in the New Year!

Semi-Excellent Presentation Award – 08 September 2021

Congratulations to Mr Alex Tam for winning the Semi-Excellent Presentation Award for the 7th Technology Conference held by the International Business Headquarters, Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. The theme of the presentation was the Application of Heat Pipe System for Short Construction Project, which shares the experience of utilizing heat pipe on solving space and time limitations within the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnologys’ project.

New Face of Website for Takasago Hong Kong – 10 October 2020

The new face of our official website has been launched and we also wish this can bring a refreshing appearance to everyone who visited our website before.

New Challenge of Clean Room Construction for MTRC – 10 August 2020

In May of this year, we accepted another big challenge of fast track clean room design and construction from MTRC. To further protect the health of staff members and ensure the steady supply of surgical face mask provision, MTRC decided to construct a separate high-grade ISO 7 clean room for setting up their own production line inside their Siu Ho Wan Depot. We were also allowed to complete the design, supply and installation of all cleanroom partitions, ceilings, E&M services and the associated utility services within 2 months only. Finally we were so inspired with achieving such difficult goal again and we successfully conducted all necessary testing and validation process for clean room performance certification in July.

Safety Performance Award to Subcontractors – 15 May 2020

For the purpose of safety promotion and encouraging our subcontractors to ensure safety at works, some prize coupons would be rewarded to those subcontractors who have achieved a very good practice of safety at works in our projects in the previous year. This safety promotion scheme has been almost implemented for more than 10 years. After our fair and impartial assessment of all subcontractors’ safety performance in 2019 by our safety personnel and top management, the various Safety Performance Awards have been presented to the prize winners at our office on 15 May 2020:

Prize Winner of “Good Safety Performance Award”:
Lee Wah Electrical Engineering

Prize Winner of “Good Safety Performance Award”:
On Lee Engineering Co.

Prize Winner of “Merit Safety Performance Award”:
Big View Corporation Limited

Prize Winner of “Best Safety Performance Award”:
Famous Team Engineering Ltd.

Contribution to Face Mask Production in Hong Kong – 29 April 2020

Hong Kong was facing an urgency and huge demand of surgical face mask supply starting from end of January 2020 since such surgical face mask had been treated as an essential tool for Hongkongers to protect themselves from infection of the coronavirus disease Covid-19. However, there was a serious shortage of supply due to widespread lockdown imposed by the Chinese Government and the rising global demand of various vital medical equipment. Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation (HKSTP) planned to urgently build an ISO 8 clean room at Precision Manufacturing Centre in Tai Po Industrial Estate for setting up surgical face mask production lines.


We are proud to be one of the key contractors for this remarkable clean room project. As the time allowed for works was very limited, we immediately mobilized our manpower and resources on hand to assist HKSTP for successfully completing the clean room construction in only 4 weeks including the clean room design process. We also involved other 7 nos. subsequent extremely fast-track ISO 8 clean room design and constructions (including the one established by KMB) utilized for surgical face mask production which were completed in March and April in this year too. Although all constructions were completed in a very short period of time, the clean room performance were all certified as meeting the required standards as per our subsequent testing and validation process.